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Facial Contouring Surgery after 6 month

17 Jul 2023
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Surgery : Facial Contouring Surgery + Face liposuction

Age : 26



This is my 6-month review.

Time really flies - the swelling has completely gone down!

Recently, I've even started styling my bangs and wearing them down frequently. :)

Now I have a natural doll-like appearance, and I'm really satisfied.

I can eat well too. I enjoy eating pork ribs, chicken feet, corn - I devour them all!

I try to avoid foods like squid or chewy candies as much as possible.

During this time, I feel like my facial muscles have slightly developed, so I look less slender than before, but compared to earlier... haha.

The biggest change in the past six months with my improved facial contours is that I've been experimenting with various hairstyles that I've always wanted to try!

Whenever I hear compliments about my appearance, my shoulders instantly straighten up.

Thank you, Dr. Park, and also a big thank you to the nurse who took care of me during my hospital stay. I'm truly grateful!

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