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My face will make you crave surgery. (part 4. end)

10 Jul 2023
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Although I have always attached reviews whenever I write them, 

the reason I have made up my mind to undergo surgery this time is because of a photo taken by a friend.

As I age, it is natural for me to experience signs of aging. 

However, the sagging double chin and uneven submalar area appeared even more shocking to me than when I looked at them with my own eyes.

What makes me more nervous and angry is that

this was done at one of the most famous plastic surgery clinics in Korea,

a large hospital in Yeoksam-dong,

where I had a lifting procedure two years ago.

So, with the intention of looking into it more thoroughly and making a careful decision this time,

I spent several months researching and visiting clinics through acquaintances,

and among them, I was introduced to Dr. Han Gyu-nam at 345 Plastic Surgery near Sinnonhyeon Station.

Although he was already well-known when I had my previous surgery,

it seems like he has become even more famous lately because every time I go for post-treatment, the waiting area is packed.

The photos may not be very clear, but the surgery was done on April 10th, and it has been two months since then.

As you can see in the photos, the double chin and cheekbones have significantly improved,

especially when viewed from the side,

I am extremely satisfied with the sleek line that I have never seen before in my life.

One thing I realized once again during the procedure is

the importance of the medical staff's expertise, care, and kindness.

It may seem obvious,

but as I mentioned before, I had experienced dissatisfaction and inconvenience

due to unsatisfactory results and unfriendly guidance at the large plastic surgery clinic in Yeoksam-dong.


the treatment and care I received at 345 Plastic Surgery near Sinnonhyeon Station

were even more satisfying.

In other hospitals, the nurses in the operating room or treatment rooms

were very formal and rigid,

but the nurses at this hospital were incredibly kind.

Thank you, 345 Plastic Surgery~

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