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My face will make you crave surgery. (part 3)

7 Jul 2023
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Although I wrote in the first and second reviews,

The thought of undergoing surgery originated from a single photo my friend happened to take.

No matter how much I've aged and even if I try to tilt my head,

My collapsed jawline and double chin are no longer tolerable.

That's why I gathered my acquaintances and visited a recommended clinic,

345 Plastic Surgery, located near Sinnonhyeon Station.

I don't know what situations will arise in the future,

But as of now,

Based on the current condition,

Dr. Han Gyu-nam from 345 Plastic Surgery is like a god to me!

(One month after)

The photo I'm posting today

was taken exactly one month after the surgery.

Even though the swelling hasn't completely subsided,

I can already see a V-line jawline that I've never had in my entire life,

a sleek-looking neckline,

and the impressively lifted cheekbones that fit perfectly.

For two weeks, I couldn't go outside or meet people,

and I felt a bit lonely and difficult at times.

But as I looked at my reflection in the mirror,

I regretted not doing it sooner.

On this day, after the photo shoot, I had a consultation with the doctor.

Beyond kindness, his genuine concern and warmth

made all the concerns I had before completely disappear.

Above all, hearing that he will stick with me more closely in the future

and that I can expect even better results

gave me a sense of accomplishment for consistently refraining from doing anything harmful at home and diligently applying cold compresses.

How well it has turned out at present

can be precisely felt through the reactions of my surrounding acquaintances and friends.

They all gather and say my face has practically disappeared...

Everyone wants to have a consultation with Dr. Han Gyu-nam and undergo the procedure.

Every time I hear such comments,

I can't help but regret why I didn't do it earlier...

Why did I waste my time and money on ineffective skincare treatments...

I foolishly regret it.

Because I praise it so much,

credibility and trust may be diminished,

but this is truly 100% a surgery I paid for.

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