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My face will make you crave surgery. (part 2)

6 Jul 2023
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By chance,

With just one photo taken by a friend,

I made a firm decision for a facelift surgery.

If you read my first review,

You'll understand how much of a mess my jawline and sagging cheeks were,

Even after receiving Silhouette Lift at a hospital in Yeoksam-dong, two years ago.

I'm speechless and filled with anger and despair.

Due to the lack of satisfaction after my first surgery,

I had no desire to undergo it again.

However, a single photo sent by a friend shocked me greatly.


After seeking recommendations from various sources,

I heard from my acquaintances that they were most satisfied after their surgeries

at 345 Plastic Surgery in Sinnonhyeon Station.

After multiple consultations with Dr. Han Gyu-nam,

Finally, the day of the surgery arrived!

I knew there would be another consultation with the head surgeon before the surgery.

During the consultation,

Dr. Han explained potential side effects and concerns

with such kindness and compassion.

Through several consultations,

my trust in Dr. Han had already reached its peak,

so I had no worries leading up to the day of the surgery.

But as I observed the attending physician who explained everything

in such meticulous detail and care,

my mind was at ease, and my trust solidified even further.

I felt absolutely no anxiety leading up to the moment of the surgery.

(The photo taken on the day of the surgery's completion)

This photo is taken on the day of the surgery's completion.

Despite some swelling, when compared to the "before" photo,

I could clearly see a very sleek and sharp jawline.

As the anesthesia wore off, 

Pain naturally accompanied me. 

Ah, is this the power of the mirror... 

I don't feel any pain in this V-line shape that I've never had before in my life. 

For hours on end, I just wanted to look at myself in the mirror. 

Experiencing a strange yet joyful sight for the first time in my life, 

I continued to burst into laughter.


The procedures I underwent involved:

- Lower eyelid fat repositioning

- Volumizing with smart lifting

- Face liposuction + fat transfer

In addition, I had Buccal fat removal performed.

All of these showed noticeable effects on the day of the surgery.

If it was going to turn out like this,

I regretted not doing it sooner.

(The photo taken on the day after the surgery)

As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning,

the joy of rushing to the mirror.

Following the instructions,

applying ice packs and diligently practicing compression helped the swelling subside faster, giving me a sense of relief.

Compared to the first day,

the pain has significantly reduced, and although my mouth and jaw movements felt unnatural,

I had to eat rice or soup with a teaspoon.

Yet, despite that, I am simply happy

with the sleek jawline that I've never had in my entire life.

Of course, during the consultation,

it was explained in great detail about the potential concerns,

such as the possibility of the face looking larger

or the chin appearing elongated, and so on.

As a result, my feelings of gratitude and admiration grew stronger,

and I felt determined to repay with an amazing review.

Soon, it will be one month since the surgery,

and I will meet you then.

I hope that today, as well, I can bring more happiness to you by diligently practicing compression!

I will come back soon with another review.

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