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My face will make you crave surgery. (part 1)

5 Jul 2023
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I have never lived with a stunningly beautiful face, but I have lived contentedly with my own appearance, without major concerns.

Well... Even though I've come to accept the process of aging since time spares no one, one day, while having a meal with a friend, I unexpectedly received a photo that filled me with satisfaction. Can you see my jawline?  

I'm not sure if you can even call it a "line," 

but anyway, that lumpy jawline of mine looks mischievous, with a double chin that seems like it could produce frog croaks...

No matter how much I try to gracefully accept the effects of aging, 

it's just too shocking. What made me even angrier about my appearance is that despite having undergone a thread Lift at the largest hospital in Gangnam, known for its fame in Yeoksam-dong around last year, I ended up in such a state.

To elaborate on that time, there seemed to be no limit, but to cut to the chase, the effort I put in didn't match the minimal results, and afterward, the sagging in my neck area became even more pronounced, causing me more stress.

Instead of enduring this much stress, I explored various options, whether it was surgery or some other procedure, before aging further. During that process, I came across an acquaintance who had a similar condition to mine and saw a photo after their surgery.


I saw them successfully achieve the exact appearance I desired.

That's why I visited 345 Plastic Surgery, located right in front of Sinnonhyeon Station.

As I mentioned before, 

one of the reasons I chose to have Thread Lift at the hospital in Yeoksam-dong was because of the hospital's size and reputation. However, when I visited for a consultation, the hospital itself wasn't particularly large in scale.

Although it is a cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing beauty, health and safety are still the top priorities for me. So, I thoroughly checked various issues related to anesthesia during the surgery as well as the experience of the head surgeon.

But above all else, the most important factor I considered was trust in the surgeon performing the procedure.

Even though I have received medical treatment from various doctors throughout my life, I felt like I was meeting someone who was exceptionally kind, meticulous, and attentive.

I can confidently say this because I had three consultations before the surgery, and through various channels, I gathered information about this hospital and Dr. Han Gyu-nam, the head surgeon.


With a desire to completely transform myself all at once, 

the surgeon kindly, gently, 

and tactfully explained and persuaded me, 

making sure not to hurt my feelings.

The fact that the head surgeon continued to personally check on my condition was truly a first for me. Inevitably, 

I keep bringing up the topic of the hospital in Yeoksam-dong. 

At that time, it was when I had to remove the stitches 10 days after the surgery, 

and they had forgotten to remove one stitch behind my ear. 

I only discovered it later and had to rush back to Gangnam, a two-hour journey...

To me, such kindness, meticulousness, expertise, and consideration were the most crucial factors in choosing a hospital.

Although I haven't posted any "after" photos yet, it may seem like I don't have much evidence to support my praise. 

But, to begin with, 

I am 100% satisfied.

It has been three weeks since the surgery, 

and the significant sagging cheeks, double chin, 

sagging facial fat, and under-eye hollows shown in the photos have improved remarkably.

During the time the stitches were still in place, I didn't go outside at all, but recently, I went out for a gathering with friends.

Everyone was so impressed with my face that they even asked for the reservation details of 345 Plastic Surgery in Sinnonhyeon Station, where I had the procedure done.

At first, when my face was swollen after the surgery, I had some worries and thought, "Did I do this for no reason?" But as the swelling gradually subsided each day, and my defined facial contours became visible, I regretted not doing it sooner.

I understand that there are many advertisements in this field, so my post might be subject to misunderstandings. However, I assure you that this is a genuine review based on my personal experience and that I am willing to provide proof or details regarding the price if you need them. Please contact me via private message.

I just wanted to express my sincere praise and gratitude to Dr. Han Gyu-nam at 345 Plastic Surgery, even though there was no obligation to do so.

my review will be continue ๐Ÿ˜ƒ 

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